There are more pets than just dogs and cats

There are more pets than just dogs and cats

Cats and dogs often make the spotlight of America’s pets but rabbits also are a great pet option. The American Veterinary Health Association reports that 53% of households have a dog or a cat in their household. Other animals, such as rabbits, are a small fraction of the US’s pets.

Pets that are not dogs and cats are considered exotic animals, meaning they are not as common as these two. Exotic animals can make great pets and, if properly taken care of, can live as long or longer than more traditional pets.

Rabbits behave much like dogs and can live up to twelve years. You can teach them tricks, they’re cuddly and can be litter-trained. The initial cost of a rabbit is around four hundred dollars including their supplies, adoption and bunny proofing hardware.

Rabbits have a habit to bite through wires so you’ll need to purchase some wire coverings and chewing toys. Depending on how you let your bunny live, freerange, like a dog would, or caged, like a hamster, this can cost anywhere from ten to fifty dollars. Bunnies should always be spayed or neutered which can cost around $75 and should see the vet at least once a year.

Hailey Murff, a student at Hillcrest, stated, “As long as they are cared for properly, I think they are good pets. They’re cuddly and hoppy.”

Rabbits live off of hay and vegetables. Vegetables can cost around forty dollars a month and a bale of hay can be purchased from local farmers for around five dollars. Rabbits make really good pets.