Sports and COVID-19


LA times

Christian Luna, Reporter

The global impact of the coronavirus has made its way into the world of sports, we’ve seen events being done behind closed doors, Athletes saying they are going to refrain from encounters with fans, and the postponed Olympics.

In December of 2019, an individual in china developed pneumonia from unknown causes, later it was found to be caused by what’s now to be known as, COVID-19.

Cases of the virus are now growing at increasing rates around the world, and it was just time for it to affect the world of sports.

But with everything that is going on its important to stay “smart,” and not let anxieties get the best of one’s self. 

Of course, the impact of the virus changes from location to location, but the CDC and the World Health Organization have given recommendations for restricting travel and practicing better hand hygiene.

COVID-19 is thought to spread through respiratory droplets, it can be from coughs, and even saliva if you’re touching areas around the mouth and face says the CDC

For athletes, and sports fans, there are many different ways that both parties are exposed to such respiratory droplets, the sharing of water bottles, dirty equipment, etc. There is so much physical contact that goes on particularly, during sporting events, or training, like at the gym. 

When you’re in an area with a large group of people you as well increase your chances to be exposed to any respiratory droplets, meaning you should be on extra high alert in terms of having good hygiene, making sure cheering, high-fiving, hugging, etc. is at a low.

Due to all of those reasons a lot of sporting events have been canceled, modified or even postponed in recent weeks. 

You need to be alert to what’s going on around you, and what you’re exposing yourself and others to, but not anxious, in a way that creates panic.