Prom-at-home edition thrown by celebs

John Krasinski, best known for his role on The Office, has been making a new name for himself in the past couple of weeks thanks to his YouTube channel, “Some Good News.” In weekly videos, Krasinski highlights stories of people serving and coming together during a time when most people feel more alone than ever. 

Besides telling what others are doing, Krasinski has also been doing his best to help people missing some important things. On Friday, April 22, he did something kids all over the country are missing this spring: he threw a virtual prom.

Many students are lamenting missing the biggest dance of the year, for some it would even be their last high school dance ever. Krasinski couldn’t stand the thought of so many kids being disappointed. 

With appearances by Rainn Wilson and Chance the Rapper, and performances by Billie Eilish and the Jonas Brothers, the live YouTube event was quite the success. Thousands of people, high school students and otherwise, tuned in to dance along. There was even an after party on Instagram, hosted by DJ D-Nice. 

Krasinski said, “We are all going through this together. It’s a very weird time and each and everyone of you are missing something and this is the least I could do and I couldn’t be more proud to do it.”