Class Officer election

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Class Officer Elections have been a tradition at Hillcrest High School, but due to the current pandemic, some things about this year’s elections have been changed. Because people are not allowed in large groups, the candidates running for office are all running online.

The use of social media is crucial to this election. Candidates have heavily relied on the use of social media posters and their election videos. They relied on the student body to help spread the word by reposting their posters.

Megan Oaks, current Sophomore Secretary, says,”The most important thing, in my opinion, was to get as many of my friends as I could to repost and tell their friends to vote for me. I also made lots of graphics that were designed to catch people’s attention.”

Oaks was running for Junior class secretary. Every grade has three positions and the freshman elect theirs at the beginning of next year. Every grade gets a president, secretary, and a vice president.

The future class officers are:

Sophomore President: Jaren Ruff

Sophomore Vice President: Cameron Kelly

Sophomore Secretary: Cameron Jessop

Junior President:  Humzah Khan

Junior Vice President: Jason Mun

Junior Secretary: Annika Balakrishnan 

Senior President: Griffin Wright

Senior Vice President: Oliver Smith

Senior Secretary: Zachary Jessop

Congrats to all the new officers, good luck next year!