Will graduation happen or not?



While COVID-19 stopped some things from happening, one of the biggest questions for high school students is graduation. There are many sides to this while some are very supportive of having a virtual graduation, or even postponing it until the summer, others believe that it’s not necessary and would rather move on with their life.

Mixed emotions and feelings have led to different surveys and debates on whether or not it’s safe to have graduation or just do it virtually. 

Recently, the Hillcrest High School SBO’s sent out a survey regarding whether or not students would want a virtual, delayed physical, or if you didn’t care about graduation. 

Kate Timmerman, the SBO President at Hillcrest Hillcrest High School says, ¨I’m very in favor of having a physical graduation. I just want to see everyone again.¨

Graduation is considered a large event in the eyes of many people around the country. But with the present situation due to COVID-19, the idea of having mass numbers of people gather for this can be seen as a safety hazard and health problem. 

Even with such concerns, Canyons School District is planning and will hopefully come out with a decision within the following weeks.

Recent surveys and decisions can help get them to this decision faster and more efficiently so responding is crucial. Whether or not you believe that there should be virtual graduation or postponed real graduation it is in your best interest to respond to these surveys.

According to USA Today, it’s all over the country where teens nationwide feel like, ¨We’re owed a graduation.”

According to this article from the USA Today nearly 30,000 people have signed a petition for a delayed prom and graduation. Not only does this show a great commitment from students across the world, but the harsh reality of things lost for students. 

More importantly, though, USA Today suggests that the number one goal should be keeping people safe and understanding why the precautions that have been taken are not allowing some events to happen. 

Graduation in some states has been tentatively planned in late April for some states with back-up plans for June, and July. 

Updates can be found through your local canyonsdistrict.org website for new insights that will be soon available.