Antrum: The deadliest film ever made

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It is said that if you watch this movie within 24 hours you will be cursed and you will die. For those who are scared to watch because of the curse, luckily, I have watched it for you. The whole curse myth is really just a silly gimmick that is used to help marketing. 

The movie starts off with the tragedies of over 50 deaths back when the original Antrum film was released. The movie was released on Prime Video and is now available for anyone to watch. 

This movie is about a little boy and his older sister who go out into the woods in a quest to find their dog’s soul in the depths of hell. The movie is allegedly made in 1979 and the imagery is meant to make it look like it was made in the late 70s. 

Antrum was a really interesting movie to watch and because there was a legal disclaimer in the introduction it made the gimmick seem more realistic and keeps you on edge throughout the whole movie. 

The filming was absolutely fantastic, with every new scene there was always something you did not expect. Predicting what the next scene would be about was difficult because there were many plot twists. 

As they discover the levels of hell, the movie becomes more sinister and has some graphic scenes that are unexplainable in the film. 

“Antrum is pure folk horror eeriness, right down to the brilliantly off kilter score, and has the potential to be a major cult hit, given its ingenious hook,” said Joey Keogh from Wicked Horror. 

“It may not convince viewers that the film is cursed and they’re going to die after watching it, but its commitment to the gimmick, its ethereal score, and its eerie imagery make for a creepy and effective throwback horror film,” said Rafael Motamayor from Slashfilm. 

This movie gets 4 out of 5 paws. Want to test the cursed theory yourself? Go ahead and give it a try and let us know how you feel about it.