Best places to go walking

Walking, running, biking, these are all different forms of exercise. What if I could tell you some of the best (don’t forget beautiful) places to go burn some calories? Well you’re in luck!

The Jordan River Parkway

The Jordan River Parkway has been a big part of my life ever since my dad and I moved to Taylorsville when I was little. I have memories of us going out and walking late at night, him telling me stories, and in the daytime watching all ducks in the river. Just recently I have started running with my friends at the parkway, and wow is it gorgeous!

  • You can see wildlife all around! There are ducks and beavers in the river, many types of birds in the trees around, and snakes (safe ones) hiding in the grass. (But don’t worry-stay on the trail and you will be just fine!) 
  • There is a paved trail that runs miles north and south along the riverbed. So you won’t have to worry about running off the path.
  • Lots of people around! There are quite a few other people with the same great idea to get out there! You won’t have to worry about being completely alone, there are lots of people out exercising or walking their dogs. 
  • Wilderness! On the trail you can escape from busy roads and cars passing. It is quiet and resembles the great outdoors. 


Silver Lake

Up American Fork Canyon is a hidden beauty. Right off the Alpine Exit hides a quiet, serene hike bordering the beaches of Silver Lake. A couple years ago I went walking at Silver Lake with my dad and we came within 15 feet of a Moose! (kinda scary but so neat!) We were taking our (not so unusual) walk around the lake on winter afternoon and passed a Mom moose and her baby.

  • It is away from the city and you are completely in the hands of nature! There are giant blue mountains on the east and other mountains surrounding you with a giant lake right in the center of it all. 
  • You aren’t completely isolated! There is a wooden boardwalk that will take you part way around the lake and then onto dirt trails.


Wheeler Farm

Aaah Wheeler Farm! Wheeler Farm is…as you can guess… a farm! Wheeler farm is an old historic farm that has been turned into a popular walk-around and event spot. Some of my best memories at Wheeler Farm include walking on the dirt paths studying for my 10th grade periodic table test, running with the cross country team, walking with my family, and taking pictures there for HuskyHowl!

  • There are so many animals and in the spring you can see babies! Wheeler Farm is a home to cows, horses, pigs, turkeys, bunnies, sheep, and more! (I happen to have a favorite buddy at the farm, even though he probably already has a name, I named my favorite cow Benny! He is brown and has great big brown eyes!
  • There are paths that go past the farm and through trees. Running on these trails are really fun, but don’t forget to take a little breather and stop to see the animals.
  • It is really close to Hillcrest!