Look out for Etrian Odyssey

To end this series (since the final K&B this school year will be rather special), here’s an overview on another not-as-well known franchise: Etrian Odyssey.

Etrian Odyssey is a dungeon crawler game series where players create guilds of five individuals to navigate through a labyrinth filled with items and dangerous enemies, including powerful FOEs (Field-On Enemies) and bosses.

Unlike most other dungeon crawlers, Etrian Odyssey has players draw the maps rather than automatically filling maps as a player progresses through each floor, although some of the more recent titles have an option to auto-map like other dungeon crawlers.

Etrian Odyssey guilds can feature a variety of classes, some that are within typical RPGs, like Protectors and Medics, and others that aren’t, such as Beasts and Troubadours. Each class has a variety of skills that can be accessed via a skill tree of sorts, allowing players to use skill points to learn new skills or improve existing ones.

The first game of the series was released in 2007 by Atlus, the same company responsible for the Persona series, which has been represented in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate by Joker’s appearance.

Each game still has many of the overall concepts, but often with different classes or with different mechanics. For example, Etrian Odyssey III introduced Buccaneers, subclasses, and a boat for sea quests, while IV introduced Runemasters, caves to explore, and an airship to fly with.

Although the originals are still great to play, the first two games of the franchise have gotten 3DS remakes with a proper story mode, remade floors, and other improvements. Despite these remakes, Etrian Odyssey remains difficult and yet feels amazing after conquering a floor or a troublesome enemy.

There are things to do in the games outside exploring. The towns in each game serve as a hub where players can save, rest to recover HP and TP, change up their guild, take on quests, make recipes to buff them in exploration, or to shop for weapons, armors, or useful items.

Although the most recent game, Etrian Odyssey Nexus, released in Japan in 2018 and worldwide the year after, fans are hoping for the series to appear on platforms besides the Nintendo DS and 3DS.

Altus also knows this, as they released a survey in February 2020 asking people which Altus franchises they wanted on the Nintendo Switch, and Etrian Odyssey was one of said franchises.

Etrian Odyssey games are usually rated Teen and can be played on the DS and 3DS.