Things to do while you are stuck at home

Things to do while you are stuck at home

In the chaos and confusion that has been left in the wake of Covid-19, people have found many ways to keep themselves busy. Scavenged from the cosmos of weirdness, this list is composed of all sorts of things, from watching movies, to buying robot vacuums. 

Amongst the many films to watch at home is the Best Picture winner “Parasite,” Pixar’s “Onward,” as well as series like “Avengers,” “Harry Potter,” and “Star Wars.”

Some video games, for those who play them, are listed here. “Doom Eternal” can be played to make life seem less chaotic. “Predator: Hunting Grounds” can be played to get out in the humid jungles and be the predator or the prey. In the less gory and violent category we have Animal Crossing which allows players to delve into a peaceful world without Covid-19.

Getting together with favorite relatives can be rough these days, and that’s why apps like FaceTime, Marco Polo and many others are here to save the day. Take some time to talk to relatives face to face, and even play board games over the phone!

Maybe while you’re stuck at home you can even try new things! There are many time consuming games that won’t involve a screen such as Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder. Both of these are great for passing the time and letting your creativity out in making worlds and characters. 

With so many options within your grasp, keeping yourself busy won’t be so difficult and you’ll be able to keep your mind off the current events.