What makes a successful student?



As this year comes to a short close due to COVID-19, students worldwide look back at a successful year with many strategies and ideas to pass on to incoming students. Learning new things can take graduating students to higher education as well as inform younger students about how to do things better. 

Different ideas have been brought up about what makes a good student. For most it’s a personal thing and doing different things can make you successful. But an overall general consensus has been made about what solid characteristics make a good student.

Hard Work

Working hard is key in any environment including the classroom as you put in enough effort for you to be successful your teachers and staff will put in the same to help you. As well this characteristic will be very helpful for you in post education and in any career you choose to take. 

They Ask Questions

For some this may not be on a top list but according to thoughtco.com it´s one of the biggest indicators of success in students nationwide. When you ask questions you’re able to learn the material quicker and better. 

They’re Involved

Involved students outside of the classroom is key for success. Everyone knows that when you join a team, club, or group it makes you feel important and can be key for you gaining the social interaction that you need in order for you to excel in school. As well this looks great for college resumes and will help you progress in order for you to be a more social person.

They’re Leaders

Being a leader is very important for instant success in a school environment, people attract leaders and can give you crucial success that can help you a lot. Lead out in the classroom and it will show on your grades.

They’re Motivated

Being motivated is so important for being in school as you progress you need to be motivated and stay that way. As you get into the 3rd and 4th quarter you will feel like giving up. That’s when it’s most important to find your motivation and do what you do best.

These few examples of ways you can be a successful student can be key for a future college, career, or even life decision. Starting young can be so important to make habitual decisions that will change what you do.