Trying to get out there as an artist?

Trying to get out there as an artist?

Starting out as an artist is difficult. Especially being surrounded by so many talented people, some are discouraged and some don’t feel like they have the potential to get out there. If you live in a small community, there is a start. It might seem intimidating at first but letting your voice be heard is one of the most important steps you can take in your hobby or future career. Here are some tips to help you get started.


Don’t be Intimidated 

This is one of the hardest steps but after this I promise it will get easier. Being afraid or intimidated by future backlash or hate is not a way to think about your art. Art is art no matter what is it. Do not be intimidated and scared by feedback, everyone is unique and some might not get it but who gets anything? Think of the positives and do not let the negatives flow into your head. 

Get Organized 

You must be organized and know how to talk about your pieces. Being organized can show others how serious and professional you are. Being organized can also help you arrange how things will look to others and can help you be less anxious about your works. 

Get out in your Community

You will need to know about your community and get to know those in it. By getting involved in helping the community become better you can start meeting people which can get you to connections and opportunities you never knew you had. Your voice is important and needs to be heard and everyone is willing to listen. 

Get Others Involved 

Once you are attending shows and having your own shows you can spread the word around and get others involved in your community who are too scared to speak out. Community is all about helping one another and everyone should be heard. This is repeating the process for those who are intimidated and how so many people can be involved it just takes another voice.