Life after high school


High school is a monumental time in a person’s life because it teaches fundamentals to students for the world outside of high school after graduation. School is coming to a close so it’s a time not only to reflect but to also look to the future.

A student in Pennsylvania, Ashi Behl, is getting ready for a college life at the University of Hawaii at Mano this upcoming fall.

“I plan on studying animal science and microbiology, but I might incorporate marine biology or psychology into that too.”

Some students already have a plan after high school not involving a college path. Some people will join the military, do trade school, or start a career. 

Behl says, “There’s no set path for everyone. I think it’s all about getting out of your comfort zone and exploring what works for you!”

Hannah Hiller, a high school student from a small town in Nebraska, wants to go to flight school after high school. “I’m extremely excited to get out of high school. I’m actually planning on going to Sanford, Florida for flight school.” 

While college is an option right out of high school, there are some that just want to go at a later time in their lives.

For example, one student graduating from Salt Lake School of Performing Arts hopes to start up his own restaurant in the future and then enroll in college at a later time in his life. “College is great and awesome but at this time and place in my life, sitting in a classroom for four years of my life is not something that I want to do.”

Even younger high school students are planning for the future. Gabriella Smith, a sophomore at Bingham High School, is preparing for an Ivy League path hoping to enroll at Harvard Law School. “I chose Harvard specifically because it’s one of the best law schools in the country and my Uncle Don attended the university.”

Smith has a noble reason for wanting to become a lawyer as well saying, “I want to be a lawyer in either family law or commercial law but I’m not so sure which one yet. I love true crime and learning about what actions need to be taken in order to achieve justice. I also like to know the technicalities of why a person is going to jail.” 

Many students graduate high school with knowledge of the general direction they want to go in the future. For those that don’t have any clue yet, hang in there because things will fall into place with time.