Best football movies and TV shows

With real sports on hold for the moment, it can be hard for football fans to get their fill of energy and competitiveness that comes with it. There are a few television shows and movies that are there to fill that void for the moment. With all the newfound time, it shouldn’t be hard to sit down and watch some football and the behind-the-scenes that come with these tv shows and movies.


A dramatic show about a young high school football star, Spencer James, and the world around him. Get a look into the contrast of Los Angeles gang violence mixing with Beverly Hills luxury. Available on Netflix and the CW.

Friday Night Lights:

A television show with 5 seasons of drama and football. Set in the football crazed town of Dillon, Texas, characters experience high school and the challenges of growing up. This show will keep you glued to the couch. Available on Xfinity on demand, Hulu, NBC, Starz, Youtube TV, and Prime Video.

Remember the Titans:

A true story which looks into football in the racist areas of the southern United States in the early days of integration. Available on Disney plus, and can be bought on iTunes and Youtube.

The Blind Side:

A true story of Michael Oher, a young man who went from homeless to the NFL. The movie highlights his adoption from a caring woman and her family. Available on Hulu, and can be purchased on Youtube, iTunes, and amazon video.

When the Game Stands Tall:

Highlights one of the best high school football programs in the country. The De La Salle Titans had an amazing winning streak which was suddenly snapped and they had to work to fix the situation. Available to buy on Youtube, iTunes, and Amazon video.