Student Gov isn’t what you think

Being an SBO or Class Officer isn’t as difficult as people think; It’s even harder. Some look at the jackets and think that the Student Government members just socialize and take on the position as teachers pet. 

There are many events that Student Government runs as well as a lot of details that go into planning them. Most students don’t even know that planning starts in July before school begins.

Student government can be an emotionally taxing group to be a part of. This can be in the form of running out of motivation, being afraid of public opinion, or even being let down by something not turning out the way you’d like.The stress can get to any member in the group. 

During homecoming week, there were numerous breakdowns throughout the officers due to a combination of how fast everything goes by, how late we stay at the school, and how much needs to be accomplished during each individual event.

There have been many occasions where we’ve had to stay at the school until at least ten in order to make sure everything is taken care of. This can be taken in the form of cleaning up, finishing shooting a video, or planning.

There has been negative talk a couple of times from different students regarding how “cliquey” student government is. Though the fact that this year’s student government is extremely diverse when it comes to social groups helps diminish this claim a bit more.

Some may say that Student Government only talks to one another and won’t include others when talked to. To a lot of us, this claim hurts. We try so hard to talk to everyone and make sure that the student body is integrated by working and getting closer together in and out of school.

Student Government puts in a lot of effort which can make it difficult to put aside even more time to socialize with new people. We had a group goal to meet at least one new person at Hillcrest every single day. Most, if not all, are able to do this because they balance so many other responsibilities at once.

I’m the Historian at Hillcrest High and my position is in charge of taking photos at events, making an end of the year scrapbook for the principal, and working with the yearbook staff. 

However, every position is not just limited to what’s listed in the Constitution of the Hillcrest Student Body. Every single individual in Student Government takes on more than they need.

Kate Timmerman is our president this year and she has never let a single one of us down. She has to be able to understand so many aspects of the school without any introduction while still maintaining a positive attitude.

If I’m being honest, I could write an entire page on every single one of these members. It takes more than one to break a school record in fundraising after all. Many students don’t know what this group does behind the curtain but, Student Government is an amazing and hardworking group.