Murder Memorabillia for sale

Murder Memorabillia for sale

Murder. It’s the crime that so many families have been victims of and the crime that haunts many, especially the families of the victims.

The selling of murderers personal items including letter, tax returns, paintings, music, and even original mugshot photos of murders are being sold online in sites such as, and And here are a list of just a few examples of murder memorabilia you can find.

1.Drawing from T.J. Walleman’s personal property

T.J. Walleman is part of the Charles Manson family. This drawing is up for auction on the site for $375.00


2. An Ed Gein greeting card signed with his name

Up for auction on the site for $9,500.00


3. An envelope and letter both signed by Jeffery Dahmner in 1993

Up for Auction on the site for $3,500.00