Hillcrest Dance Concert 2020

Instagram @hhs_dancecompany

Instagram @hhs_dancecompany

Spring sports and events have been canceled because of the current pandemic, but some clubs are still holding final events. One of those is the Dance Company at Hillcrest High School.

Every year around late April, Hillcrest’s Dance Company holds their annual dance concert in the auditorium. They perform lots of different styles of dance like modern, ballet, hip-hop, tap, contemporary, lyrical, and even a cultural piece.

Rehearsals for dance concerts happen mostly throughout March and April, but were cut short this year due to the coronavirus.

Since a physical dance concert for 2020 has been cancelled, the company is still holding a virtual concert. The dancers have been filming and editing videos of dances they’ve already learned.

“I feel sad and bad that concert was cut short. It feels like concert should’ve happened already,” says Dance Company’s secretary Alice Conder.

This year’s dance concert would’ve featured student choreographed pieces, but since some of those choreographers are seniors, some dances have been postponed until next year. Student dances that will be featured in the virtual concert this year include Jouri LaCome, Jade Rogers, Erika Parker, Leah Christensen, and Alice Conder.

“Filming requires different framing and knowing the timing. It’s not as fun to me, like group pieces with formations don’t have the same effects,” said Conder.

An official concert date hasn’t been announced yet but will happen sometime around late May or early June. For more information about Hillcrest Dance Company visit www.hhsdancecompany.weebly.com.