Dateline’s look at Lori Daybell (spoilers)


Lori Daybell, or Lori Vallow, became rather infamous in the news after her children were reported as missing in September 2019. She was arrested back in February in Hawaii following an investigation and she had a trial on May 1 where her bail stayed firm, according to NBC.

To show the public what’s been going on with Daybell since February, “Dateline NBC” had a special on May 1 that featured family members talking about her, titled “What Happened to the Children?”

The episode began with a timeline of Lori and the various husbands she’s been married to, including Charles Vallow and her current husband, Chad Daybell.

What was intriguing in particular was how Lori herself changed over the course of her life.

Colby Ryan, the brother of missing children JJ and Tylee, explained to NBC that in his childhood, “[Lori] just made everything fun. We were really close.”

However, all that seemed to go downhill once Lori met Chad Daybell, who, according to NY Daily News, was a “doomsday author.”

Following that fateful encounter, the episode talked about the mysterious deaths and the cult that Lori Daybell believed in, before getting to the children in more detail and final remarks.

One particular death was that of Charles Vallow, who was shot by Alex Cox, Lori’s brother.

When Cox called 911 to report the death, he calmly told dispatch, “I got in a fight with my brother-in-law and I shot him in self-defense.”

The investigation done by Morrison may have also shed some light as to what could’ve happened to Tylee and JJ.

Ian Pawlowski, recent husband of Melani Pawlowski, Lori’s niece, told authorities via his wiretap notes that the Daybells believed “JJ and Tylee had become possessed by zombies [and] they needed to die.”

This same belief was apparently what led to Charles’s death, as Lori believed her then-husband “should have died in a car accident” some time before and that he was “possessed” before his murder, according to an interview with Melani Pawlowski.

The pacing at the beginning wasn’t the best, as some details, such as Lori winning a pageant at her teen years, weren’t vital to the story. However, for some people, more detail is regarded as a good thing.

Another particularly annoying thing about the episode, though, was the amount of ads and commercial breaks present.

Overall, I would give this episode 4 out of 5 paws.