Be kind to essential workers


The Atlantic

Essential workers are tired, frustrated, and overwhelmed with the title of essential. COVID-19 is the virus that has caused a global pandemic and has put many dealing with it in a frenzy. There are many casualties due to the virus and the number is only rising.

People are getting sick left and right and we haven’t even reached the peak of people to be infected. Medical workers are running on little to no sleep and are getting sick and in some cases dying by this virus. Everyone is at risk no matter what age and health condition.

Being an essential worker in this time is difficult, but has anyone ever stopped to think how they are doing? Grocery workers are stressed and run the risk of getting sick by customers that interact with them.

Grocery worker Alicia runs the risk of being infected. Alicia is a 73-year-old bakery worker with Walmart. She has worked at Walmart for over 20 years. Alicia has always found it hard to keep up with the pace of working but during the pandemic has found it even harder.

Alicia is thinking of just taking a break from work while she stays in quarantine and is worried about her age and her current health being a factor of how her body will react with the virus.

Alicia lives with her husband who works at Walmart as well, they enjoy their lives and their job, but because of how risky it is working there, they are contemplating quitting.

“Im really worried for my parents, they don’t really need to work but they want to because they like being able to support themselves. They are really stubborn people but working at the moment is such a risk and I think they’re finally going to step down and get help from us,” said Alicia’s eldest daughter Charlie.

Charlie and her younger brother are concerned for their parents. The customers haven’t been so friendly in these times because it’s a time where everyone is demanding something. The stress is getting to be too much for Alicia and her Husband.

“I’m going to miss my job, my co-workers were so nice to me. Ive seen a lot of people come and go the last 24 years of working here but I can’t push any longer. I can’t risk it for myself. So yeah, i’m sad to see it all go,” said Alicia.

Alicia would like to be kept anonymous and wanted to let people know to be nicer to people during these hard times. There is already so much stress and customers demanding so many things at once really causes a stressful environment for everyone. Be kind to an essential worker.