F-35 Jets fly over Utah


Spencer Heaps, Deseret.com

On April 30, Utah was welcomed with F-35 Hill Air Force jets as they flew across the state paying respects to front line medical responders helping with Covid-19.

According to Deseret News, the jets followed 1-15 and flew across the state. In just 2 hours, the fighter jets flew over Salt Lake, Tooele, Saint George, Ogden, and many more cities.

People were advised to maintain social distance while watching the jets overhead.

Utah citizens anxiously awaited the time the jets flew past, and are grateful for the experience.

According to Steven Behmer, the 388th Fighter Wing Commander Col, “This flyover is just one way for us to enhance our training while providing a small service to our community.”

To ensure that communities would be able to clearly see the F-35’s, they flew at a lower elevation.

Hill Air Force Base was scheduled to do an air show later this year spring, but because of the pandemic this show and many others were canceled. Flying over Utah gave the pilots a chance to practice and give the people some of what they would have experienced.