Reopening: Light at the end of the tunnel


Photo from NY Times (updated May 13)

The world has been on lockdown for a few months, and for a while it didn’t seem like it was ever going to get better. However, in the last few weeks, there has been some improvement and some businesses have been reopening their doors.

Along with the shutdown of most businesses, the economy took a hit and millions of people were laid-off. People were hesitant to buy anything with little to no job security, which has led to the permanent closure of many small businesses.

Governments were itching to reopen their economy and try to fix the damage that was caused. They finally got the chance to open things under certain conditions starting at the end of April.

Gary Herbert, governor of Utah, said via Twitter, “We are beginning to enter a stabilization phase. We need you to take ALL precautions seriously. Moving forward into MODERATE RISK, or orange, and continuing our positive trends, is wholly dependent on you continuing to take precautions seriously.”

As of May 6, over half of all states are partially or completely reopened, while they follow the specific guidelines. Those include wearing a mask and complete sanitation in many areas.

The New York Times said, “Beaches and state parks are reopening to visitors, spurring concerns about overcrowding. The first barbers have returned to work, masks over their faces. Some restaurants are getting ready to serve customers again.”

While the economy is starting to open up again, it is important that people are still staying safe. Cases and deaths are still rising and if people aren’t careful we could experience a second wave even worse than the first.