Hillcrest hosts drive-through graduation

Ryan Koon

Ryan Koon

Due to the pandemic there have been many questions about graduation for the 2020 class. Most of these questions asked by students, family, and faculty are regarding whether or not we will have a postponed graduation.

On April 30, 2020, seniors at Hillcrest High lined up in order to pick up their graduation cap and gowns, as well as a free meal. Social distancing precautions were ensured as the students picked up their items drive through style.

Many students were hoping for a traditional graduation ceremony, however, that was quickly shut down.

Kate Timmerman, a graduating senior, says, “I of course wish we could have the traditional ceremony on may 28th. I was looking forward to seeing everyone graduate and being able to celebrate all together as an entire class.”

A survey was created by the Board of Education for Canyons School District gathering information about what the students wanted. During the weeks leading up to the final decision, many talked about a drive-thru option, virtual option, auditorium option, and jokes were even made about a Club Penguin Rewritten option.

On May 8, Hillcrest’s Principal, Gregory Leavitt, sent an email explaining the final decision regarding graduation.

Mr. Leavitt wrote, “We are excited to announce Hillcrest High School’s plan to honor graduating seniors on May 28th starting at 9:00am… Hillcrest High School will be providing a drive through graduation ceremony.”

Many students were distraught about the chances of graduation being taken due to the virus so hearing that there is in fact going to be a graduation left some at ease.

Cole Henline, a Senior, says, “I love the way that we are doing graduation. It could’ve been a lot worse but I like how they handled it.”

Students will have the opportunity to drive one car around the football field track in their cap and gowns. They have been provided an email with instructions on the route needed to be taken.

Timmerman says, “I look forward to being with my family in our car driving on the track! As cheesy as it sounds, I can’t wait to get out on the fifty yard line, recieve my diploma and move my tassel on the other side of my cap because it marks a new adventure and new beginning to my life!”

Hillcrest’s class of 2020 will remember their unique graduation for as long as time itself. Congratulations to all of the seniors for the past twelve years leading up to this moment! Be sure to cherish it.