The PawPrint: Signing Off 2020


Lyndee McKay

Lyndee McKay (Adviser): Year 5 of the Husky PawPrint is in the books! This was really a strange year, with maternity leave first quarter and quarantine fourth quarter, we didn’t have as much time together as we would have liked. Despite that, this was my favorite class! The trust I had in our staff this year was unlike any other, and I can’t thank you enough for all of your hard work and dedication. You came together across all of the invisible lines that seemingly separate us. You became friends and true cheerleaders for each other. It was my absolute pleasure to watch.

At a time when journalism is under fire every day, I would encourage you to continue seeking truth and sharing it. Access to fair and true information is more important today than it ever has been, and you are bombarded with plenty of options. Though you may not go on to be a journalist, the lessons you have learned should bleed into every aspect of your life. Be honest. Stay informed. Be dependable. Seek truth. Use your voice for good. Seek clarity. Give voice to the voiceless. And above all, be kind. I love you, staff of 2019-2020, and I hope you will always remember your time as a reporter for the Husky PawPrint.

Madilyn Wallace (Editor-in-Chief): As a fellow senior, I know it’s been rough these past few months. It’s felt like summer, but without as much socializing or fun. However, despite all the drama, Newspaper has been one of the things that has kept me going. Even with a lot of coverage being placed on COVID-19, I, along with others, have written articles about what we loved.

The PawPrint really is a fun organization to be part of, even in this new era we are entering. I’m not sure what our world will look like years from now, but there’s not a doubt in my head that we will find ways to overcome these struggles.

I’m going to miss being part of a school newspaper and hearing my fellow peers talking about silly things (looking at you and your squids, Aven). I finally understand the pain that other seniors in Newspaper have felt when moving on. Even if I am sad, I believe The PawPrint can stay strong and get more awesome reporters. After all, Mrs. McKay rocks!

Maggie Erekson (Copy Editor): What a crazy year this has been! I’d like to hope that I’ve been a better journalist and person this year, but I’m just happy to have spent this year with such a fun, smart and supportive group of people. To all my seniors, I’m gonna miss you. To my freshman (and Emmie), I can’t wait to see what we’ll do next year cause it’s gonna be fire. Maggie Erekson signing off!

Emelia Manwaring (Social Media Editor): Aah the school year is almost over! Newspaper this year has been a lot of fun, and different than I would have expected. I enjoyed getting to meet new people and make new friends! Some of the experiences that stick out most to me have to do with the fun seniors. I love Kats sassiness-it always makes me laugh! I also remember one day when Maggie took my phone to show Mrs. McKay a teacher of my sweethearts date, and the senior boys went into full big brother mode. I love writing articles, and also loved me and Maggies “hall pass” trips to go talk to teachers. I can’t wait for next year and am excited to see what the 2020-2021 year will bring!

Zachery Gallman (News Editor): ‘Twas  was a great year. Learned a lot, and was able to life-long skills of writing and reporting skills that I look forward to take to the next level of education. Lots of great friends and times in this class. Some great times I’ll remember writing for this newspaper and gaining key skills that I need. This year produced a great course-load of writing material and I think we were able to produce great articles from it. ZBO out!

Litzi Carmona (Feature Editor): Four years…Four whole years of being on the school newspaper staff. I met my best friend in this class. I cried so much in this class, I really grew up in this class. So many years of advice from friends while we were drafting our articles but most importantly advice from my teacher, Mrs. McKay. So many memories and growth from my peers. I really enjoyed watching my peers grow as well. Hanna is my best friend and we have cried so much during this class. I didn’t only grow as a person, I learned so much about writing that I can proudly say I am a great writer. So many things have happened in this class that have contributed to my life and I’m so sad to see it go. So this is my last official sign off. We’ve really had a good run and I’m gonna miss it. Goodbye newspaper!

Leah Christensen (A&E Editor): Even though I was only on Newspaper for a year, I wish I would’ve joined earlier because it was so much fun, especially when you get to write an article you’re passionate about.  Newspaper has taught me how important it is to keep up to date with current events and really do my research. It was so fun being an editor too and really interesting to see the process of how articles are published and edited. I’m so thankful for everything that newspaper has taught me, and since I love writing, I’m so glad I’ve been able to grow as a writer this past year!

Tanner Peterson (Sports Editor): I’ve always enjoyed writing and after having Mrs. McKay as an english teacher it was an easy decision to take newspaper my senior year. A bunch of my friends took that class with me and made going to school every A day that much better. I met a bunch of cool new people that I enjoyed seeing walk into that classroom every other day.

Starting the year with Mrs. McKay being gone made for a challenging yet memorable experience. Learning about the art of journalism is something that I think will come in handy for a long time to come. I don’t think I got to really say how much I liked that class but I quickly realized how much I missed it after school was let out in mid-March. I missed all of the laughing, sleeping, and watching All-American no matter how many times Mrs. McKay told us to be on task. I miss high-school, but I don’t think I would have enjoyed it as much without newspaper.

Hanna Emery (Opinion Editor): Newspaper was my favorite place. I felt safe, I felt intelligent, I felt important. I will remember absolutely everything this class and Mrs. McKay has taught me. I will miss this class, but I am so excited to use the lessons I have been taught in Newspaper to start my life. I will write and share my loud voice forever! Goodbye PawPrint news! Make us proud!

Melissa Arreola (Reporter): I originally took Newspaper as a filler class and because of my friend Litzi. But as the year went on I’m happy to say I met great people that made class even better. I’m going to miss coming to class and catching up with everyone. We never got to properly say goodbye which makes me miss class even more. I wish I could have had one more day in Newspaper. Thank you Ms. McKay for letting me write some questionable articles. I love you all. <3

Aven Elder (Reporter): This year in the newspaper has helped to make me a better human being. As one of the two freshmen in this class, I saw a lot of growth in myself. The newspaper has had me break out of my shell, not socially but with my opinions. I usually have a hard time with controlling my opinions but the newspaper has taught me how to be a better listener. That is one of the largest gifts I’ve gotten from the newspaper. Newspaper also let me know that McKay hates squids. Besides her discriminatory ways, McKay is wicked cool. Red heads gotta stick together. See you later, alligator!

Ryan Koon (Reporter): I genuinely learned so much from taking this class. A lot of it had to do with newspaper but most of it had to do with relationships with other people. I think that’s what made newspaper so special to me.

I’m going to miss being able to work with some of the most kind hearted and enthusiastic people I’ve had the honor of knowing. I met some of my best friends in that class even if that was the only chance we’d really get to talk. It’s such a safe and welcoming environment and I can’t thank everyone enough for that. My favorite memories had to be literally every time Kat would talk, when I would get advice from Mrs. McKay, when Zac would hype Madilyn up, when Josiah and Aven geeked out about really specific and odd topics (at least to me), when Tanner gave me two of those little tear-off compliments, and that time where Josh said Mrs. McKay hated kids or something along the lines of kids.

Newspaper was genuinely my favorite class and I’m going to miss it more than anything else in high school because of the way it would make me feel. I felt very at home and learned something new everyday leaving me extremely happy. I’m very excited for where the class and people are going to go in the future. I’LL MISS YOU SO MUCH MRS. MCKAY!!! I love you all so so much and I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with you!

Cristian Luna (Reporter):There are so many variations of things I could say, I what I would say is: throughout my high school experience, and throughout being part of this class I was able to find excitement. All of what I experienced at its base was a way to find a way to express myself. At heart, it became my voice, it became something I could do it in any style, and in any form I chose. Thank you, this has been my ted talk.

Josiah Hall (Reporter): At the beginning of this year, I knew only one person, and we weren’t on the best of terms. I’m a freshman, so I’m sure you can imagine how nervous I was. Especially since all I had ever heard of High School was how difficult it was. However, when I arrived in my first period class for the first time the people I sat with were kind and welcoming. I had always been told that it would be difficult to find a place but I feel that it was quite easier than I could have ever imagined.

During lunch, I had no one to sit with for a couple weeks, but two juniors noticed me sitting all alone and invited me to sit with them. We talked and laughed and I felt happier than I had for quite some time. Of course, the Newspaper group had been quite nice as well, and I made a few friends in each of my classes. Eventually I started to sit with more people at lunch, and I felt just as at home as I did when I was with my old friends.

After that, I felt a bit more encouraged to talk to others and try to get to know people. I met quite a few very kind people whom I wish I had more time this year to get to know. However, these people have been nicer than people in middle school were. Eventually I got the courage to try out for 42nd Street, I may not have gotten any large role, but I was so happy to get back into the theatre world.

The year passed faster than any other school year I’ve gone through, and I wish I had more time. I’m young, and am often a fool when it comes to priorities, no doubt about that. And I can assure you, you will laugh when you read that I have given much attention to girls at the school. I swear, I don’t know what it is, but girls seem to get along better with me than guys do.

The year went on nicely, I met more people, got to know people better, started to get into the sway of my classes. But I’ll say this, I wish Covid-19 hadn’t happened, even though I had done so much, I felt that I hadn’t gotten to know people enough.

But I’m glad at what I’ve done, made it into the speaking ensemble of Richard II, made many new friends, and got into a lovely relationship with a girl I wouldn’t trade for anything. And I’ll tell you, each class has been so much fun, except for maybe math and english. I especially enjoyed newspaper, to hear all of the others talk, to hear their jokes and all about Mrs. McKay’s trouble at Disneyland. And each person was nice! No matter how much taller than me they were.

But anyways, It’s time for me to sign off of the staff for this year, I’ll make sure to choose this class again next year and make sure any freshmen who join feel as welcome as I did.