Hillcrest football team is ready

Photo credit: Maggie Erekson

Photo credit: Maggie Erekson

Hillcrest High school definitely has school spirit. One only has to go to a football game to see that for themselves. Nearly everyone loves to spend their Friday night hanging out with their friends and cheering on the football team. It’s even better when they win! 

Hillcrest does not have the best track record when it comes to football, but this year the team is back and better than ever. The team already has two wins under their belts and are hoping for more in the future. They won 26-0 against Timpanogos and 13-0 against Judge Memorial. 

“I would say that our team is a little more dedicated to getting better this year. We are working a lot harder this year,” says Anthony Vail, a senior and captain on the team.

Even if football games look a little different than they have in years past, there is no doubt that many students are still looking forward to them. 

“I love to go to the games and be able to hang out with my friends,” said sophomore Jane Wright.

The homecoming game on the 11 is a great example. Although there were only 100 students allowed, they were as loud as ever. The cheerleaders lead them in the familiar cheers, and everyone seemed to have a great time. Despite losing the game 52-0, most left the game in good spirits. 

Tickets for games will be limited. Students can sign up for the free tickets on Fridays during lunch. The games are also live streamed on the schools Youtube channel, students can check their school emails for the link.