Some colleges no longer requiring ACT/SAT scores

There are lots of changes in the air thanks to the pandemic. This includes the requirement to submit ACT/SAT scores for college admissions. Earlier this summer, numerous colleges around the country decided to drop the standardized test score requirements for college requirements due to the effects of COVID-19. Four colleges in Utah are following this pattern: BYU, University of Utah, Utah State University, and Westminster.

The University of Utah announced in late June they will be the first public university in Utah to drop the ACT/SAT requirement. Soon after, Westminster, Utah State, and Brigham Young University followed. 

The tests have been waived because of the challenges presented by COVID-19.

In an interview with Courtney Tanner at Salt Lake Tribune, Steve Robinson, the senior associate vice president for enrollment management at the U., said, “It’s really creating a lot of disruption in the availability of the test, and it’s increasing the anxiety of high school students trying to apply to college.” 

Many students looking for scholarships depended on their ACT scores. Because of the pandemic, many people were unable to retake the test or find a location that would allow them to get their scores back in time for college admissions deadlines. 

Shane Reese, the Academic Vice President at BYU, said, “Making this adjustment to our admissions and scholarship process makes sense given the difficulty many potential students have had in finding a convenient testing location.”

If you are considering applying to BYU, the ACT/SAT scores are no longer mandatory, but you can still submit them.  According to BYU University Communications News, this applies only for students applying for the Spring, Summer, and Fall semesters in 2021, and Winter 2022. For more information, visit Westminster decided to eliminate the requirement for these test scores for at least two years. 

Tanner said, “The U. plans to use its two-year window as a pilot to determine whether to drop the standardized testing requirement altogether, too, for all of its future incoming classes. Westminster, though, will do so permanently.”

More schools are even considering getting rid of the requirement all-together.

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