Giving Hillcrest a well deserved homecoming week


Hillcrest SBOs

Hillcrest High School wants to party safely through the pandemic! The Hillcrest Administration and student government leaders decided that Homecoming and Spirit week will still go on—with just a few minor adjustments to ensure the safety of all those wishing to participate. 

“I’m excited to give Hillcrest a homecoming week that they deserve, even with everything so crazy right now,” said Hillcrest Student Body President Max Lepore. 

As is custom for Homecoming week, every day leading up to the dance on Saturday will be filled with fun activities and different dress-up themes. Unfortunately, there will be no Homecoming dance hosted by the school due to the pandemic. 

“We encourage students to celebrate however they feel is appropriate, but we encourage them to follow safety guidelines,” says Lepore. 

“They each (the homecoming activities) look a little different but we put a lot of time and work into planning them and making it work,” said Nicole Crain, Hillcrest SBO. 

Here are the dress-up options for each day this week:

  • Tuesday: Twin Tuesday
  • Wednesday: Wild West Wednesday
  • Thursday: Tacky Thursday
  • Friday: Fancy Friday


Trivia night is Tuesday at 7 p.m. in Room AT 200. 

Wednesday is movie night! Movie night is being held at 6 pm in the auditorium. We will be watching Monsters, Inc.

Thursday holds one of Hillcrest’s most beloved and favorite traditions! The burning of the H will be held at 7:30 pm on the field. There was a limited number of students allowed at Burning of the H to help maintain social distancing. 25 students were allowed per section. Students were required to get a ticket if they wanted to attend, entrance was denied without one. Tickets and sign-ups were found by Senior Bench every day during both lunches up until September 10. It was live-streamed on @hillcrestsbo’s Instagram live for those unable to attend.

Friday’s activity was the Homecoming game.

Here’s a little note of encouragement from Hillcrest SBO’s, “Stay safe and have fun! Come support your school and please reach out to us SBO’s if you ever need help with anything!” 

Crain said, “Thank you to everyone who’s helped us in our preparations and thank you to all of you for making Homecoming Week and coming back to school something we’ve been able to look forward to,” Crain continued, “Keep working hard and keep your heads up!! We’re going to get through this together.”