Tiara Otteson: The secret to happiness

Tiara Otteson is a pretty chill person. She likes listening to R&B and country music and she has a great laugh. She can get along with literally anyone, and in her own words, “I don’t really have beef with anyone.” The thing that really bugs her is when people chew with their mouth open. 

Otteson is a senior here at  Hillcrest and this is her first year on the newspaper staff.

“I joined the newspaper because I thought it would be a new thing for me to do. Plus McKay is the best teacher out there.’’

In her free time, she likes to sleep. Free time isn’t something she has a lot of, though. Besides going to school and working at Cupbop, Otteson is also going to CTEC.

“I’m studying cosmetology and barbering,. . .  I want to be a barber. I have always loved doing hair ever since I was little. I remember trying to do my sister’s hair when I was five,” she explained, “CTEC is a great place to start your career in high school because you don’t have to spend tons of money like you would in college.” 

Her own hair is always gorgeous so no wonder she wants to help other people have amazing hair too. 

Some people might want to have a day off, but Otteson’s idea of a perfect day is pretty unusual.

“The best day ever would be when everything goes smoothly and nobody interferes with my happy aura. I could just be happy all day and nobody would disrupt that, then I feel like that would be a pretty good day.”

Otteson knows what makes her happy, whether it’s sleep or country music, and she’s not afraid to go and get it.