Ella Walker: Artist with aspirations


Ella Walker is a natural-born artist. Although she has changed mediums over the years she has never lost the drive and determination that she strives for. 

Walker started dancing at age 2 and she never looked in another direction. She began dancing at the Utah Dance Center where she first dove into a studio style of dance. While she was there she performed at various locations including The University of Utah. She found herself to be a natural and wanted to pursue her passion and art. 

“Dance is more of an art than a sport, it’s not for the average person, it feels emotion and works hard for a beautiful thing,” she explained

Walker started off highschool stepping with big strides. She tried out for drill and made it onto the team with her first attempt. Going from a studio style of dancing that was focused on individuality to being on a precision dance team that’s focused more on uniformity was a very abrupt change but she stays determined to be the best that she can be. 

“My favorite type of dance is jazz/contemporary, where you use more of your body and everyone is dancing with the same ideas but in their own way,” she said.

Outside of her dance career she enjoys shopping with her mom, going for long walks at the park, and drawing. The peaceful nature of the park brings her joy coupled with the organized chaos that is shopping with your mother. This creates a perfect lifestyle for Walker when nothing else can. 

Now a freshman in high school, Walker continues to pursue her dance career and improve little by little every chance she can get.