Rebecca Juvenal: Artist at heart

Rebecca Juvenal: Artist at heart

Rebecca Juvenal is an online senior here at Hillcrest who has a fascinating artistic side and a creative and understanding personality.

Juvenal can often be found eating spicy curry at one of her family’s favorite restaurants nearby called Thai Mango. She can recall fun times when her family went down to Lehi at an old fashioned Thai place built into an old house. However, she has never made curry herself.

Aside from eating curry, Juvenal loves art!

Basically, every kind of art appeals to Juvenal, “I like art that’s cute, I like art that’s creepy, I like art with a lot of strong lines, I like art that has no lines, I like art that’s abstract, I like art that crosses over mediums, I like digital, I traditional.”

During quarantine, she spent most of her time doing art. Juvenal has been doing art for her whole life. Art has run in her family since Juvenal was a little girl. Juvenal grew up in an artistic household-both her parents are artists.

“Nobody, in particular, got me interested in art. It was sort of a part of life with the way I grew up…Basically, it kind of runs in the family.”

Other than doing art, in her free time, Juvenal can be found writing, playing Dungeons and Dragons (D&D).

Juvenal has lived in Utah her entire life but has never remained in the same location for very long. Having moved at least 5 times throughout her life, Juvenal is good at adapting to change and working in new environments. 

Given this, some of Juvenal’s best qualities are her “willingness to explore and understand other people’s points of view,” even if she doesn’t completely agree with them.