Maria Martinez: Memes and Morals


“Just memes, memes.” Maria Martinez’s favorite thing in pop culture is a great representation of who she is. As a senior at Hillcrest, she loves to have fun, and things that make her laugh like memes are always a go-to for her, especially the Pepe the frog memes.

Her love for memes isn’t the only defining trait of Martinez though. As far as what influences her, she also included “Moral values, really just things I would and wouldn’t do.” Martinez is driven by her morals, standards that she has in place that help her make the tougher decisions in life.

Other people’s morals are very important to Martinez as well. 

“My biggest pet peeve is people who lie a lot, for really no reason. I always honor people for being honest.” 

Martinez holds herself to standards and hopes other people are able to meet those standards as well. It’s important to her that she can have honest conversations with other people.

Martinez developed her beliefs largely due to the experience she had prior to high school. “Getting my life together in middle school… I was always nervous to be in high school, as soon as I got everything together it made me feel better.” 

Martinez’s hardworking personality she developed before high school has helped her be a participating member in both LIA and Newspaper here at Hillcrest High School. 

The hard work of Martinez isn’t the only interesting thing about her. She’s a huge lover of sushi, she’ll jam out to any music that isn’t country, and would totally rob a bank if there were no consequences for it. 

Martinez is also a fan of a certain sport. “I’m into basketball a little bit, but I’m 4’ 11’’, so I can’t really do anything.” While on the court, Martinez’s height disadvantage in basketball tends to make her come up “short”.

Husky PawPrint is very lucky to have Martinez’s contribution. She brings an amazing and well-balanced personality. She loves to have fun, but she’s also willing to work hard to achieve her goals in life. As the features editor, she hopes to help the PawPrint in whatever way she can in this upcoming school year.