Maggie Erekson: Busy Bee


Magdalene (Maggie) Erekson, a senior at Hillcrest High, is a busy girl who winds down by painting, reading, and listening to podcasts. This year Erekson is taking college classes, is on the Peer Leadership Team (PLT), the newspaper editor and chief, and is on Track and Field and the Cross Country team.

“I don’t like team sports,” Erekson said with a laugh. She is a sprinter so that all depends on her and her own ability. 

She started running because it was a sport where she could do her own thing. She can run at her own pace and isn’t depending on anyone but herself. She has been on the team for three years now and has made it to state.

She is hardworking and does not give up, she knows what she wants and gets it.

Erekson also likes to spend time with her family, especially her grandpa. She looks up to him because he is so hard-working, very thoughtful, and has a big heart. She has learned many traits from him.

“He’s a very hard worker and that is something that I always try to emulate,”

Being able to come to school while the world is dealing with the coronavirus is hard on many people and has been tough on Erekson. “Now I know I can get through hard things,” she stated. There are many difficult things she has faced from running seven miles daily to living life amidst covid19.