Madi Alvey: Drill team Captian


Oliver Smith

Madi Alvey, a senior, is more than qualified to be the head captain of the Hillcrest Drill Team. She has been dancing since she was four and has competed in dance since she was nine. Being a leader over such a large group can be difficult, but Alvey has found ways to make it easier.

This year, the drill team has a staggering 33 members. You can only imagine the dedication it must take to be so driven and determined to have your team succeed.

“It’s hard having so many girls on the team,” says Alvey. “We do a lot of unity activities to find each girl’s personality.” 

In a family with 5 brothers, it’s a relief for her to be a part of drill team and gain 32 new sisters. She joined the drill team her sophomore year and has learned many things over the past two years. 

“Even just being there for 3 years, there is so much to learn from drill. It has taught me timing, being precise, being prepared for life…” Alvey says. When asked if being a part of the drill team is worth the major time and effort commitment, she says, “Yes, it is definitely worth it!” with extreme enthusiasm. 

  When she is not busy dancing or doing school work, Alvey says, “I am probably making an idiot of myself.” She also enjoys hanging out with her friends and family and loves watching Netflix. She has watched a total of 24 different series but says her favorite will always be The Office.

Alvey was one of the many who has been quarantined this school year. Unfortunately, the time she was quarantined was Homecoming week, and being a candidate for Homecoming royalty made things “awful.”

Despite missing many activities, she isn’t giving up on making her senior year one to remember. 

“I have learned that time goes by so fast,” she says. In her senior year of high school, she wants to leave with no regrets and make the most out of every situation.