Kael McCleary: Homecoming king


Kael McCleary: the man, the myth, the legend. You might recognize the name for various reasons. Here at Hillcrest High School, McCleary is very involved. He is on the soccer team, a friendly face in the hallways and classrooms, as well as this year’s Homecoming King. 

Ever since he was little, he has made it his goal to make at least one person laugh or smile each day. McCleary was in shock when he was announced Homecoming King on Sep. 11. His initial thought was “How?” 

He is very humbled and excited to one day tell his future kids about how he won Homecoming King in high school. I think most people can agree, he deserves the crown for his kindness and all the happy vibes he carries with him everywhere he goes. 

McCleary is a sporty guy who enjoys basketball the most. He loves the difficulty as well as creativity that the sport requires. 

“You get to play the whole court. It’s just built different,” he said with smiling eyes and a mask covering his mouth (he may have been wearing a mask, but I could tell it was there). 

Outside of school, you can catch him watching all the Netflix rage of “Outer Banks”, “All American”, or anything with his two favorite actresses Jessica Alba and Zendaya. I mean, can you blame him? We’re talking about Zendaya here. 

McCleary is a family man who loves the freedom of Lake Powell. He and his 4 siblings grew up going to Lake Powell with their grandparents and making unforgettable memories. McCleary loves Lake Powell for the freedom. There’s no distractions or urgency to be anywhere or do anything but live in the moment with his friends and family. 

He likes that there is no service, “We’re able to have more fun when we’re not tied to wifi.” he says. McCleary enjoys the time he spends with his siblings, especially since they’re all close in age. He loves having built-in friends, however, he’s not a fan when he goes to the fridge to find his leftovers have mysteriously disappeared. Cameron, we know you took them. 

As quiet as he may seem, McCleary’s friends would say he is known for his crazy, funny, spontaneous personality. If you have not had the pleasure of meeting this Nike loving, Billabong wearing, one day owning a Ford Bronco guy, well then you should. You will have an amazing new friend. The man, the myth, the legend. Kael McCleary, everyone.