Jase Clements: The man with the great heart of gold


Oliver Smith

Jase Clements is a man of heart and head. Clements is one of those guys that worships Jotaro Kujo from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. He proved his dedication to JoJo by getting a tattoo of a purple star on the left side of his back. He constantly watches JoJo in his free time in class and uses JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure game characters after people in JoJo.

He also has a major love for furry creatures, enough to become one.  Clements attributed his love of foxes to their fur tails and their red tints. Clements also has a passion for games, especially Skull girls, and enjoys sleeping more than his friends.

Clements would consider himself a loser, saying “Dang I kind of suck.’’ 

  The most important question of the day is, “If you were to be put down in history, why would you be put down in history?”  

“I would be the first guy to skydive naked without a parachute and survive.”

 A very important question was probably the most important, “ If COVID-19 was a person, what would you do ?”  Clements shakes his head back and forth gracefully, “ I would strap its body to a train track and eat a graceful taco that is made with cheese, meat, tomato, crispy lettuce, and a crispy taco.”