Canyons School District moves to four day week

October 2 was the last Friday in school for the foreseeable future. Most districts have been on a four day school week since the beginning of the year, including Granite, Davis, and Jordan Districts.

With COVID-19 cases on the rise, more and more schools are moving completely online. As of this writing, Hillcrest and Jordan are the only high schools in Canyons District still operating in person. The combination of online and in-person students, as well as those who are sick or quarantined, has created much more work for the teachers as they try to catch everyone up. 

“I have never seen this,” said Paula Logan, Principle of Butler Middle School, at the board meeting on September 22. “I have never seen the amount of burnout, and exhaustion, and fear. It’s not the end of the year. It’s week five. And they are done.”

Teachers here at Hillcrest are ready to make the switch and hope it will improve the overall learning experience.

“I think the move to the four day week is proactive as far as trying to control the COVID outbreak. I also think it’s proactive at keeping our teachers at the top of their games, giving us extra time to collaborate with students online,” says language arts teacher Hannah Wohlwen.

Many students are also feeling strained, and are looking forward to the new schedule. 

Gavyn Paul, a senior, says, “It means I get to sleep in more… It’s going to be different, but I hope it’s actually useful and I don’t use it to procrastinate.”

Initially, there was a lot of confusion about how the four day week would impact the A day B day schedule, but the final result was this; every Monday and Wednesday will be A days, and every Tuesday and Thursday will be B days. Each Friday will be set aside as a work or catch-up day for both students and teachers, and no new material should be assigned. There are exceptions to this rule in the case of higher-level classes like IB or Concurrent Enrollment. 

The school board will revisit this decision in December to see what changes, if any, should be made. However, it is likely that the school will be moved online before then.