Annie Healy: Future Dentist


Photographer: Oliver Smith

Annie Healy’s close friends know her as Annie Jo. When Healy isn’t binge-watching 4 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy in two weeks, she is cleaning, eating ice cream, or hanging out with friends. Healy’s favorite ice cream flavors are coffee and salted caramel. 

Healy’s favorite part about quarantine was being able to not have to do anything and spend time with the people she loves. Although Healy was in quarantine, she really wished that she could have been in Hawaii laying on the beach getting a nice tan, but it’s okay, she just imagined herself laying on a beach while tanning in her backyard. 

When describing her biggest fear, Healy said, “If I’m being completely honest (it would be) having ugly kids, but that sounds really bad, so let’s just say spiders.”

Some hobbies that Healy enjoys are organizing/cleaning, swimming, playing the piano, and hanging out with her family and friends. As far as instruments, Healy said, “I actually did sell my piano, but if there’s a piano in front of me then I can play.”

After graduating high school Healy plans on attending Dixie State University with her cousin. She wants to clean people’s teeth as a living so she doesn’t have to smell their halitosis, so she will study to be a dental hygienist. She is excited to be able to just have fun!

Healy’s advice for lower classmen is, “Don’t procrastinate your work and if it’s not making you happy it’s not worth it”, Healy said. Healy is a 4.0 student who is always working hard for her grades and making sure she gets her assignments turned in on time.