Allison Hargis: Future Forensic Psychologist


Oliver Smith

Oliver Smith

The cult favorite TV show “Criminal Minds” is filled with elite FBI agents who analyze the most twisted minds in America to bring them down. Who doesn’t want to chase after criminals and tackle them to the ground? Allison Hargis. While her past time on the varsity cheer team would certainly help her pursue any corrupt crook, she’d prefer to take them down behind the scenes as a forensic psychologist, her dream job. 

Hargis is “super unsure [and is] currently debating between 3 different career paths.” 

Despite this, her love for forensic psychology came during her time in an AP Psychology class. 

While many students have dreams about their future, Hargis has taken further steps to reach hers. In a field where the inner workings of the mind meet law, dedication and obsession is required. She has exemplified just that so far. Hargis has already taken every Psychology course she can and plans to improve her ACT score shortly. 

Not only has she taken advantage of every opportunity at Hillcrest, but she has set her sights on UC Berkeley, which is known nationally for its eminent psychology program, or the University of Hawaii, which is located on the same lush islands as her favorite vacation spot. Who wouldn’t want to spend their college life surrounded by the famed Hawiian greenery? 

When she’s not focusing on her future, you can find Hargis leading her team in Peer Leadership Team(PLT), helping others in Hope Squad, or chasing a lead for Hillcrests’ school Newspaper. It seems as though she does it all.  

While she is living in the moment, enjoying her senior year, and making the most of these unprecedented times, Hargis will always have her eyes on the prize. 

“I just want to do it so much.” Hargis said about her future psychology aspirations. 

UC Berkeley, she’s coming for you.