Wear a mask so athletes can wear their uniforms

Hillcrest football plays Timpanogos


Hillcrest football plays Timpanogos

The coronavirus has affected so many high school students and their sports teams. It has shut down many sports programs and has either canceled the teams’ season or cut it short. 

Other sports are still having practices with very strict rules, but are not sure if they will even be able to have a season. 

Many sports team members have to quarantine or isolate themselves because of the virus. This really affects the teams by not having everyone attending practices to be able to grow together and accomplish new skills. 

Hillcrest High Schools Cheer coach, Carly Dent, explained her feelings about the coronavirus and how it has affected the cheer team. 

“ I think covid has actually had some positive effects on our team. There is a closeness I feel this year that I haven’t felt before. I think covid has helped the team to understand the importance of being understanding, supportive, kind, and adaptable, “said Dent.

The coronavirus has made cheerleading very different this year by having to wear masks, social distance, maintaining social distancing, and following the rules precisely. Due to covid, the cheerleading team isn’t able to attend or cheer at all the sports events that they have in the past. 

Coach Dent says “I worry that the team isn’t having the cheer experience they are used to or want, which is hard.” 

Football teams have had to adapt to many new things such as getting their temperature checked, bringing their own water, and always having a mask. Now they have to be diligent every day to bring their own water bottle and always having to bring their own mask to wear on and off the field.

 Brighton High School’s football team has had two of their region football games canceled due to covid. 

Senior football player at Brighton, Carson Constancia says, “None of my teammates have been affected by the virus yet and that’s a good thing. My teammates are good about not going out to places they don’t absolutely have to and staying home. But at the end of the day, I think my team lives in fear of getting their season canceled, especially the seniors including myself.”  

Football teams usually end the games by lining up at the 50-yard line to pass by the opposing team and give them a high five and say good game, but due to covid, they are not able to show this sign of respect. Now they just wave across the field. 

Winter sports are going to present new challenges because they are all inside. We will see how coronavirus goes in the winter.