Social during quarantine: Among Us

An image from the popular game Among Us

An image from the popular game Among Us

To combat the social distance brought about by quarantine, people have used and developed a variety of different tools to stay in touch and have fun with those they care about. One such tool is a game called “Among Us”.

“Among Us” is a multiplayer deduction game developed by InnerSloth, a game development studio based in Washington. The players of the game all act as astronauts in a spacecraft. The twist, however, is that some of the crew are secretly imposters that are trying to stop the crew from completing their objectives.

Chase Worthen, a player and minor enthusiast of the game, enjoys “Among Us” because he feels it is different from other games.

“The fact that it feels more real than a game- cause it relies on who’s playing,” he said. 

It requires people to state their case and deceive or convince others to win, giving it a prime social aspect that many people find interesting. However, that isn’t the only thing that sets the game apart from others. It’s also readily accessible.

“Because of its simple gameplay, anyone can hop on and play,” said another enthusiast, Madeline Rebol. “Not to mention it’s free to play on your phone.”

Another thing that people like about the game is how light-hearted it can be. Rebol compared it to games like Monopoly or Uno, but unlike those games, your friends are less likely to be upset in the aftermath.

“Most players are good sports and will own up to mistakes and that environment makes the games really fun because there are low consequences for messing up,” said Rebol.

Whether they’d gotten into the game because of an acquaintance, or a favorite content creator, it has become a well known and primary candidate for social fun this year.