Covid vs. Freshmen

Freshmen of the year 2020 have it a bit tough compared to last year’s freshmen. 

“Man there is a lot of stuff that was taken away, “ said Jacob Alfaro, sighing. 

It seems that Alfaro won’t be able to get the freshmen experiences he was looking forward to from prom to freshmen orientation. 

 It seems that not only the freshmen are having a harsh time, so are the teachers. “

Don’t be afraid to reach out to your teacher even though your middle school teacher said that highschool teachers are harsh and not as loving,” said Christine Cress with a laughable smile. Freshman year is the year where the teacher learns the most from the students, mainly their personality.

Alfaro is a freshman of many words which is the main reason he chose to go to school.

 “ It would be sucky if I had to hang with my mom all day, ” said Alfaro waving a laptop in the air.

But just because Alfaro is going to school does not mean it is all fun and games. He is missing out on one of the most important things: prom. 

He wants to feel what it’s like to dance with a girl, how it feels to fall with a girl. Prom is a one-time experience especially if you are a freshman, your first prom always matters.

Alfaro also really missed out on the experience of football games. He wanted to feel the rush of the football field and stand. Alfaro wanted to scream with the crowd and feel the rush with the crowd. He even had bigger dreams to be in the football team but he thought it would be hard to join considering their covid and all.

 “Man I really wanted to join the Football team but I don’t think I could have made it in the first place but it would have been nice, “ Then Alfaro said loudly, “ But I mainly blame it on Covid. “

Cress said, “It would be easier if I didn’t have to deal with two different classes. Freshmen are also harder to deal with mainly because they’re new and have no idea who they are.”

In the end, there is no way to sugar coat it. Freshmen have it hard due to the pandemic. They can’t have a true high school experiment like everyone else. Let’s just hope the pandemic ends so these freshmen can have a high school experience before they leave.