Student Quarantines

Student working from home

Student working from home

HHS has had hundreds of students quarantine due to the drastic spread of COVID-19. All those who have possibly been exposed to someone who has tested positive for the virus must go into a two-week quarantine. This protocol has been proven to be very beneficial. Hillcrest is among one of the high schools to have the lowest number of COVID-19 cases in the state, and the lowest number of cases in Canyons School District high schools.

Quarantining may be the last thing these students want to do, but it is working. Safety is the number one priority. As of right now, HHS is still in-person and online. Many students have chosen to go hybrid and do both classes online and in person. Each student should feel comfortable and safe with their choice. 

Wearing a mask has also been a huge factor in Hillcrest staying open and functioning. Students are encouraged to keep their masks on at all times other than when eating. Hillcrest students have done a great job at masking up and finding the positivity in doing so. Tons of fun masks have been spotted throughout the hallways. 

“If I have to wear a mask, I might as well make it pink, sparkly, and fantabulous,” said Paris Freebairn, a fashion icon at HHS.

However, getting quarantined has had a rough emotional effect on some people. Positive COVID-19 cases are causing students to miss out on major high school events. Many students were quarantined the week right before homecoming and couldn’t attend any of the school events for that week. Multiple Student Body Officers (SBOs) who had planned the entire week of festivities were quarantined and unable to attend. 

Nicole Crain, the SBO Vice President at HHS, had made the top 5 for homecoming queen. She was one of the many students quarantined right before homecoming week. She would describe her week at home watching on her screen as difficult. 

“I’m not gonna lie, being quarantined during homecoming week was rough, but being quarantined again a week later was even harder! I was constantly telling myself ‘You’re not dying, you just can’t think of anything else better to do-’ Thanks Ferris Bueller. Please stay healthy and safe everyone, wear your masks, and be smart.”

Keep wearing your mask and social distancing. It is helping and making a difference in the community. Be responsible and respectful for all of those around you. Hillcrest High School is staying strong and masking up.