West Coast fires over utah

Oregon on fire

Oregon on fire cnn.com

The fires may be burning along the West Coast but you can feel the impact in Utah. Wildfires are currently burning in California, Oregon, and Washington. According to the New York Times, more than five million acres have burned along the west coast leaving behind nothing but charred devastation. 

According to CNN News, along with the numerous deaths nearly 30 million people in California were under a heat advisory watch reaching temperatures of over 100 degrees. 

With the fire comes the smoke. This smoke is being pushed inland billowing toward states like Utah creating a blanket of dirty brown across the sky.

Some might think that Utah is far enough away that we would not feel the effects of the fires but, all you have to do is go outside and look in the sky and see the blanket of brown across our valley. 

“Some days it is really bad, you can’t even see the mountains,” said Mary Hargis with a gloomy look.

 Karley Robinson a student from Hillcrest High School states “The air quality, not much but some days we’ve had really bad air.” 

The entire West Coast will be facing both long-term and short-term effects regarding their economic status. The fires have burned natural habitats and homes to the wildlife in those states. 

“ There will be some serious economic struggles because the people who are being displaced will have a hard time financially and the state is already struggling.” Said Mary Hargis. 

People in Utah may not realize the reality of it all and how bad the residents in California are being impacted. 

Margaret Altschuler who is a resident of Plymouth, California stated, “ There were probably three weeks where I could not go outside of my house without wearing a mask to keep the smoke out of my air passages.” 

She continued, “ You wake up in the morning, you walk outside, you smell smoke.” The wildlife has been impacted tremendously, “they’ve had bobcats and cougars down in our area.” She said with a sound of shock in her voice. The wildlife is being pushed down into the residential area because their natural habitats are being burned.