Online Schooling: Student and Parent Troubles

Working from home
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In March of 2020, schools all over the United States were shut down along with most businesses and extracurricular events due to the Coronavirus pandemic. This meant that students would be doing all of their school online instead of in person, and some adults were working from home as well. 

Many of the parents of these students were being required to homeschool their young children. This caused a great deal of stress on the parents and the students. Everything was changing and nothing was the same about school, or about life in general.

Abigail Watson-Bucci, A senior at Hillcrest High School, said that she faced difficulties with online school, but she also had some positive things come from it.

“I had to share my computer with my other family members who were also doing online which made it difficult for me, but I was able to get all of my work done.” She explained.

Watson-Bucci found it difficult to actually find time to do the online school because she was having to share a computer with her two siblings and her mom. Although she was having to share the computer, she was able to get more work done than she usually would have if she were doing in-person school.

A mother, Jane Healy, who had 4 kids at home trying to do school online, said that she found it very stressful because she was trying to make sure that every kid was getting their work done on time. She also works from home which was another added stress because all of the kids were wanting to use the same computer to do their homework that she does her work on. 

“It was really hard when all of my kids were stuck in the house together and fighting, I was trying to keep track of their schoolwork and make sure that they were getting it done.” She said.

Healy struggled with focusing on her own work as well because it was so chaotic in the house with everyone at home. Usually, she had plenty of time to complete all of her work in the office but due to Coronavirus, she was working from home. This only amplified the problem. 

She doesn’t like how much distance learning requires students to be on their screens. Screens have been known to have negative effects on kids.

“I think that at home school forces our kids to be on screens far too much.” 

Another student, Mia Chipping, who attends Olympus High School, had a hard time with distance learning. 

“I felt like it was hard to stay focused during online school because I have 4 other siblings at home trying to do their online work at the same time as me.” Said Chipping.

With 4 siblings and 2 parents all doing work from home, it was hard to find a good time to do her homework without distractions. She found it very difficult to stay focused.

“It was hard for me to not be around my friends, I missed seeing people and going out.”

It was also hard for Chipping because she was not allowed to leave her house for close to 2 months. She missed being around her friends and attending extracurricular activities.

Overall, students and parents suffered greatly from doing online school. It is hard for everyone to focus and it is not easy to be at home away from people for that long. Every school in the state is hoping that they aren’t forced to go online again.