Student Athletes: Keeping Up

As a member of the basketball team at Hillcrest High School, the work only begins once the final bell rings. Following academic classes, players must stay after to lift weights and practice with the team. Without motivation, it can be very difficult for those students who play a sport on top of schoolwork. 

Some may argue that it takes time away from academics, can add stress, and cause major injuries. 

Others, however, can argue that there are benefits to playing sports while attending school. Some of these include higher fitness levels, cooperation skills, and better relationships. 

Although student athletes are faced with a challenge to complete school work with less time, it teaches them time management and prioritizing, which many people struggle to understand at an older age. 

¨Student athletes learn that extend beyond the classroom: persistence, patience and practice… They learn the harder they work, the better they perform,¨ said

Josh Blackbourn, senior at Hillcrest High School, has played on the basketball team since his freshman year. At six foot three inches, he plays shooting guard and power forward.

Blackbourn is given many opportunities to lead the team now as an upperclassman. He says, “In our basketball class, there are a lot of freshmen and sophomores and our coach wants us to lead all of them. And I´ve helped coach the bantam team,” which is a team for kids in fourth and fifth grade to sixth and seventh grade.

With higher expectations as a senior, Blackbourn gets to learn what it takes to be a leader. He must be accountable for his actions knowing that the underclassmen will be watching.

Blackbourn is confident in the team’s talent now and for years to come. “Shoutout to Maddux [Albers], my little sophomore buddy. He’s gonna be running things.”

Albers earned his varsity spot as a freshman last year and looks to continue to improve as a player and teammate in the upcoming season.