Ayoon Lee: Dancing in the Tennis courts

Ayoon Lee is a HHS junior and this is her first year in Dance company and Tennis. She loves two different worlds and it’s what makes her stand out the most. Sometimes the schedules overlap for her, but that doesn’t stop her from doing both. She loves both of her teams. They each are positive and make her feel like she belongs.

She has been dancing for about nine to ten years. She started with ballet and contemporary growing up. She loves to dance more than anything.

Lee hasn’t been playing tennis as long as she has been dancing. She started in May and has developed her tennis skills more from going to matches and being on varsity.

Her favorite thing about Dance Company is that she feels really comfortable around everyone. It’s a positive environment to be around for her.

“Everyone is unified, I can dance whatever in front of my teammates and everyone is really cheerful. Since I love dance, I feel like Dance Company is a good fit for me.” Lee stated 

Her favorite thing about tennis is that everyone has a positive attitude and that makes her really happy. That’s what makes her enjoy tennis a lot more.

“The coaches are so friendly and people are friendly too. I feel like I belong,” Lee said The thing that has been challenging for Lee is that sometimes she can’t make it to both. Dance company and Tennis have different schedules but she still tries to make it work.

The biggest thing that Lee has learned while being a part of dance company would be that she gets motivated the most from her peers.

“I’ve learned a lot about my friends in dance company. They have interesting  moves that I want to try and I really get inspired by them. I think I learn a lot from my friends,” she said.

The thing that Lee learned while taking tennis was that since she participated in it, she has become a better player. She hasn’t been doing a lot of tennis but she has grown a lot since the beginning.

“I’m not an experienced tennis player but Hillcrest Tennis made me progress my skills in tennis,” she said.

When Lee’s not doing either she’s usually working, doing homework or hanging out with friends. She loves to hang out with her friends and anytime she has the opportunity, she makes the time.