The lack of senior seasons is a serious stressor

Members of the Hillcrest Track Team admire their matching spikes.

Alaina Ston

Members of the Hillcrest Track Team admire their matching spikes.

Heads were starting to roll as more winter and spring sport seasons had been canceled due to COVID-19. Midvale has been fortunate enough to not feel the effects of being a pandemic epicenter, unlike New York. The area’s athletic community, however, has not been immune to the effects of the virus. 

In 2019, the virus left many junior athletes, now seniors, with no practices and no games. Track and Field, baseball, and wrestling were among the many sport programs Covid-19 left floundering. Athletes across the country were left with just a faint hope for one last senior season and one last chance to impress a college coach for in-person recruiting.

While there was no athlete in the world that didn’t have their sport altered, a few programs were lucky enough to experience their junior and senior seasons surrounded by their team and cheering fans. However, the drastic change that schools experienced indefinitely added to an already stressful senior year. 

“Online isn’t for everyone, and most people need human interaction, not a computer screen,” said Brady Dicarro, a senior letterman at Hillcrest High School. 

It was said that the class of 2020 was the bravest class to have graduated, but the class of 2021 is oftentimes overlooked. Numerous projections have announced that COVID-19 effects would still be felt years from now. 

“While it was hard for them, it has been harder for us.” said Kian Rennie, a senior at Jordan High School. “A lot of us don’t get to go to dances and sports, we miss out on that high school experience.”

 Current seniors now have to adapt to an unusual high school experience, cope with the loss of game experience, and navigate through the ever changing 2020 college process. The outlook on postponed programs opening up in time for college deadlines may be bleak, but there is always hope for a new season. Right? 

Nope. Not for seniors.