Cycling Events are Being Canceled

Cycling has been part of many people’s lives for years now, but the pandemic has slowed that down with lots of competitions being cancelled. Most recently in Utah, Larry H. Miller Tour planned for April 4 was canceled. 

 The National Collaborating Centre for Environment Health stated that when people cycle, they leave a stream of droplets that can contain COVID-19, spreading the virus. Obviously, that isn’t good, especially when cyclists tend to stay very close together to save energy.

Two students that don’t know too much about cycling are Evie Pendelton, and Koosha Abbasi.

 “Honestly not too much, I’m not like a professional cyclist or anything,” says Pendelton.

Pendelton does think that closing the events is a good idea, “Well I feel like if it’s being canceled due to COVID then there’s a good reason or if its just being canceled because I don’t know not a lot of people show up and thats sad because cycling is, a lot of people enjoy it,” Pendelton states.

Both of them agree that if they are going to hold these events to do it in more secluded areas.

“I believe that cycling events should take place in closed off sections. These events should be monitored by local authorities,” said Abbasi. Pendelton then says “If they had a big enough road that was like not occupied that is like hard to come by,” Pendelton continues “Yeah I mean if everyone was separated then I think people could make it work,”

Cycling events tend to be held on public roads that have been closed off, and they both seem to agree that they should continue to do so. “ These events would be perfect in small streets or long paved roads going through a countryside or canyon,” Announces Abbasi. Pendelton had a similar point of view.

“If the cyclists are more used to smooth or flat roads, if that’s the kind of cycling that they are used to, I feel like that would be safer, but I feel like you need to ask one of the cyclists” Continues Pendelton.

When questioned whether they were interested in viewing, neither of them said that they wanted to watch one of these races take place although Pendelton states “But I might, I don’t know I might consider being a part of one that might be kinda fun,” 

The Tour of Utah that was cancelled is currently trying to be held in 2021 and many cyclists are looking forward to racing, and hope to be able to participate in the future.