What It’s Like to Play Multiple Sports



Bridger Healy, a 13-year-old boy, plays football and basketball for Hillcrest, and also plays competition soccer. He plays on the little league Hillcrest teams for basketball and football as number 19. He spends 20 hours or more per week practicing and playing in games. He wants to play all 3 sports for Hillcrest in high school. 

Healy plays forward in soccer, point guard in basketball, and wide receiver and cornerback in football. Because he is playing two sports at a time all the time, positions can get a little bit confusing. Sometimes it gets confusing for him when his mindsets overlap from different sports.

“Sometimes I want to tackle people when I’m playing soccer just out of instinct,” he explained.

On a regular day after school, Healy will go to soccer at 4:30 then at 6 he goes straight to football until 8:30. Some days he will have to miss parts of different practices to make it to another practice. Some days, he will even have all three sports practices at once.

“Sometimes it’s a lot, but in the end it’s worth it because it’s fun,” he said.

With all of the sports he plays, he is always in season. He plays soccer all year round, playing indoors during the cold seasons. Basketball starts in November and goes through March, while football is August through October. He wouldn’t change playing all year.

  “I actually like playing sports all year round because then you never get rusty, and it’s fun to just play,” said Healy.

Sometimes Healy will have football, basketball, and soccer all on the same day when they all overlap a little in October. 

“Sometimes it is stressful to keep up with my school work when I am always so busy with sports after school,” he explains.

Playing three sports is not cheap. It costs a lot of money to be playing sports all year round. 

“It’s important that I am committed because my parents spend a lot of money on my sports every year,” he says.

If Healy was not invested in his sports, the time and money would be a waste.

Although he loves playing all three sports, if he had to choose his favorite, it would be soccer because he has the most experience with it. 

He says, “Soccer is my favorite because I’ve been playing so long.”

Next year, Healy will be attending Hillcrest High School as a freshman, he will play all of his sports at Hillcrest. He is excited to be a student athlete and to represent Hillcrest.

Healy says, “I’m excited for High School sports because I will actually be playing for the school that I go to.”