E-sports competitors

Esports is a competitive competition of gaming among people who play competitive games for a living.

“Stop thinking about winning!” said one of the mosted earned net worth gamers in the world, n0tail. 

Johan Sundstien, also known as N0tail, has been playing Dota 2 (A competitive game of 5 v 5 ) for 4 to 5 years now and is still going. N0tail is the captain of the OG he has won both 2018 and 2019, not to mention N0tail’s net worth is 6,889,591. 

N0tail is not the only successful competitive gamer out there who has a huge net worth, but so is Troy Jaroslawski. Jaroslawski has a net worth of about 100,000 but does not earn as much as N0tail. Not much is known about Jaroslawski other than he is a huge fan favourite among the fans.

 “I like to pretend I’m serious and not just a goofball grinning with a banana. “Is one of the random things Jaroslawski said during the interview. Jaroslawski is the type of man that cares for his team very much, they are like family to him. They celebrated his birthday not too long ago. 

Just because you sit in a chair all day and play video games does not mean you make a career out of it.  

“You can make serious money playing computer games. And you don’t even need to be that good. It’s called gameplay streaming. Millennials know all about it.” Written in an article by By Jurica Dujmovic. 

When you become an Esport computer you have to devote your time to become a good player. It’s not as easy as you think it is. It takes time to know a game, breathe the game, feel the game, and be the game. It takes a lot of work to be really good at something. So if somebody says you can’t pursue a career in gaming they are dead wrong.