Skating through a pandemic

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WUFT news

With the event of the pandemic, many people are unable to participate in outdoor activities they previously had. This is mainly because public areas are being shut down or restricted where they took place.

But through the wonderful world of social media, some activities can be continued from a distance. Along with home improvisation, things such as hobbies or skills are pursued with little to no disturbance to bystanders.

Some hobbies have even become more popular over the span of the outbreak, namely skateboarding. Since the pandemic encourages social distancing, skateboarding is perfect when you have time to yourself, considering it is mainly practiced alone or in small groups.

“Considering I have time to do whatever, I figured I might as well do something that I’ve wanted to do for my entire life,” to quote an anonymous source from Twitter on the subject. Anon has been practicing skateboarding for approximately five weeks, saying, “I feel like my skills have grown, but don’t quote me on that,” while laughing wildly.

The popularity of the sport has grown for both men and women, but the amount of growth has definitely increased on the female side. With social media, women are able to express themselves in more ways than one, catching onto trends like skateboarding, and developing an affinity for it, in what the same source calls “hyper fixation to an unnecessary degree.”

The speed at which they pick it up is also astonishing. Studies show that the average person learns and masters the art in around six months or so. But with all of the lonely, unused time during the quarantine, more time can be invested in such, which is exactly what has happened. Some have been shown to learn in as little as two months.