Lululemon dupes half the price and just as comfortable

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Everyone knows about brand Lululemon. It is pretty expensive activewear and accessories that are very good quality. They sell men and women items. 

“Lulu is great because all of their products last a long time,” said Hillcrest High school student Peyton Strong. 

One of Lululemons most popular clothing items is their leggings. They have a soft and stretchy fabric. It is described as buttery and weightless and is typically used for yoga or whenever you want to be very comfortable. 

On the Lululemon product page, it says, “When you want to feel like you’re wearing nothing during yoga—without the awkwardness of wearing nothing—buttery-soft Nulu™ fabric’s here for that.”

Many women have been finding Lululemon legging dupes. They are so much cheaper on amazon and look and feel just like the Lululemon ones. 

Lululemons leggings are $98, and the dupes on amazon are $25. 

“They are most definitely worth the money. My black ones still look and feel brand new and I have had them for over a year,” says Lakyla Cosper a junior at Hillcrest High School. 

The dupes that are on amazon claim to have the same quality as Lululemons. In the descriptions of each pair of leggings, it says they have a soft buttery touch. 

“The amazon dupes are not even close to how amazing the lululemon leggings are,” says Cosper. 

I personally think that Lululemon is a great brand. Their products last a long time and are worth the money that you spend on them. I give the products 5 out of 5 paws